Time and attendance software: How does it work?

Keep track of hours worked in real time and access online reports at the click of a button.

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Get accurate time records for your company

Manage the time control of your team in a simple, fast and free way. Forget about organizing and saving papers. Beep time records all working hours, stores the data in the cloud and generates the corresponding report, regardless of the working day of each employee, whether they are mobile or work in different centers.

How does the time registration work?

    Register your company. 
    Complete the form from the APP or WEB, receive an email confirming your account with your username and password and that's it. Start using Beep Time.
    Add all your employees. 
    Create accounts for all your employees, each one will receive an email with their username and password. Now you can clock in at Beep Time
    Manage your team's clocking. 
    From a single panel, you will be able to see the daily and monthly time and attendance reports. In addition, manage time incidents and absence periods (sick leave, vacations, etc.).

How does the day control work for an employee?

The signing panel is divided into 3 parts:

  • Employee's profile: information related to their signing: work hours, geolocation and the browser. From there you can also report an incident, change your password and log out.

  • Signing in: the central part is to sign in where the worker must click on start working day and the time worked will begin to elapse. Once the day has started, the button to end the day will appear and the option to indicate a break will be enabled.

  • Access to  reports: daily, weekly and monthly of the time control.

User profiles and roles


  • Register your company.
  • Create and edit your employees' accounts. They are unlimited
  • Controls your employees' daily, weekly and monthly time recording reports.
  • Verify whether or not the reports are validated by your employees.
  • View in real time the geolocations of your employees.


  • Access to clock in from the Web or the APP from any device.
  • Start and end their workday with just one click.
  • They can indicate a break.
  • The platform registers their location.
  • Receive notifications as a reminder to start and end the workday.
  • View their daily, weekly or monthly time tracking.
  • Validate their monthly report.

It's as simple as an inbound and outbound transfer

This free online platform allows you to keep track of hours worked, know exactly when your employees clock in and out and is compliant with regulations. You only need a device (mobile, tablet or laptop) with internet access.

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